Gateway Inc., has won the explicit consent and tremendous appreciation all over the world. With its business trend and frontier in General supplies, services, engineering and fabrication of industrial products in the field of Oil and Gas, Marine onshore and offshore, Mining, power generation and other industrial sectors, Gateway is one of the leaders in the world market.

The veritable history of our growth in terms of all business trades exemplifies the way how we inculcate the measure to magnify and sustain the growth. The result is the innovation and initiative the Gateway Inc. pivoted to have the hallmark of trade.
The necessity and the pre-requisite of our business is creating the conducive atmosphere and cozy ambience to promote the business worldwide.

With its head office in Texas, USA, Gateway Inc. has worked with the most major oil and gas companies and contractors, bringing international production, service and supply procedures and standards to the most far-flung energy markets of the world. Gateway Inc. is a registered supplier of UNGM and the US Defense Forces.

Quite simply, we measure our success on our ability to provide our clients with quality products and services anywhere, anytime in the most cost-efficient way.


Provide our clients with world-class products and services anywhere, anytime in the most cost-efficient way

  • Continue as a global leader
  • Consistently provide high quality products and client-centric focus
  • Utilize and develop technology to serve our customers
  • Ensure a value-based perspective
  • Promote personal development


  • To achieve a higher quality of life and opportunity for the people of the regions in which we operate.
  • Ensure long term growth and increased financial reserves to be used for social causes in the country of origin.
  • Promote responsible corporate governance and observe applicable laws.
  • Contribute through company and local community initiatives.